Motorcycle Clothing Repairs and Alterations

Examples of our expert bike leather repairs and alterations

We offer a comprehensive, expert motorcycle clothing repairs and alterations service available for most items of leather clothing (not just biker gear), here in the Midlands/Warwickshire. Carried out by highly skilled and experienced machinists at very reasonable prices.

You can come in and see us
(7 Portway Close, Coventry, CV4 9UY) or
send motorbike leather repairs and alterations to us through the post
from all over the UK.

Give us a call to discuss your repair or alteration
Tel: 024 7646 6296
We normally turn repairs around in 7 days.

Thinking of coming to see us and travelling a bit of a way?

We carry out certain repairs and alterations
on the spot, while you wait,
even at weekends!

Please phone before you visit.

All seams are fully guaranteed and all zips are guaranteed for one year. We only use the highest quality materials and thread as used in our normal production garments.

When sending garments, any loose belts and removable armour should be removed. This not only helps us work on your garment more efficiently and quickly, it also saves you money at the Post Office.

You will find a price list for most jobs below but if you're not sure please give us a call.
All prices below are inclusive of VAT but there will be an extra £6.50 charge for the garment to be returned to you (via reliable courier).

Rida-Tec GT Leather Jean Repair
More examples of our expert bike leather repairs and alterations

All Prices Inclusive of VAT Price
Sleeves with plain cuffs £35.00
Sleeves with zip or press stud vent £42.00
Skirts no vent £25.00 / with vent £32.50
Jeans - unlined £15.50
Jeans - lined with zip £38.50
Coats and Jackets no vent £45.00 / with vents from £59.00
Taking In
Skirts at waist £27.50
Jeans at waist £37.50
Jeans at inner leg £35.00
Jeans at outer leg £42.50
Cuffs or jeans tapered with zip £39.50
Cuffs or jeans tapered plain £35.00
Zip Replacements
Skirt zip £19.50
Leg zip £29.50
Cuff zip £29.50
Fly zip Normal: £32.00
Heavy duty: £34.50
Pocket zip £29.50
Fashion jacket zip - 22" max. £38.00
Fashion jacket zip - 23" to 31" £41.50
Fashion jacket zip - 32"+ £43.50
Bike jacket main zip £42.50
One piece main zip racing leather £59.50
All-round connection zip - heavy duty £69.00
Short connection zip £21.50
Split Seams
Re-sew seams £18.50 per seam
Tears repaired from the back from £15.00 to £25.50
Panels Replaced
Plain panels From £39.00
Panels with zips or pockets From £45.00
Relining Leathers
Basic jacket - one inside pocket £69.00
With thermal £79.00
Extra pockets £9.50 each
Jackets with vents Extra £9.00
Pockets relined - with cotton £19.50 each
¾ length coats £75.00
Full length coats and Trench coats £89.00
Plain jean - loose lining £48.00
Padded jean - fitted lining £59.00
Fit extra inside pocket £22.50 / with zip £27.50
Press Studs Fitted
£5.00 per stud to buy and fit Leather covered press studs £6.50 to buy and fit
Leather covered buttons to buy £5.50 each
Buttons re-sewn on £4.50 each
Refurbish Jackets
Black only £59.00
Refurbish Coats
Black only £69.00
Badges/Patches Sewn On
Small - through lining £6.00
Large - through lining £7.00
Small - inside lining £8.00
Large - inside lining £9.00
Lettering on a base - 2" high £6.50 per letter (£20 min. charge)
Lettering sewn directly to garment - 2" high £9.50 per letter (£25 min. charge)
Plus a P&P return charge of £6.50 max. (UK mainland).