Leather Jeans Size Guide

It's always a little more difficult than usual to get sizing right when it comes to leather jeans. You don't want to get leather jeans that are too comfortable to start with as leather does 'give' a little the more you wear it - you don't want to end up with leather jeans that are too loose or baggy. In this sense, purchasing leather clothing is slightly different from purchasing normal clothing despite the fact that this also varies from shop to shop.

This is why we've provided you with this guide to help make sure that you order the correct size and we get it right first time! So please use our 40 years of experience to make your experience with us the best it can be.

Men's Leather Jeans Size Guide
Find a pair of your jeans that fit you as you like them (make sure they are not made from stretch denim or any stretch material and make sure they are done up/fastened). Lay those jeans out flat on the floor and measure the waist (across the top of the jeans). Then, in the checkout process on our site, you will find an 'Additional Comments' box where you can enter this measurement. This will enable us to send you the correct jeans.

Women's Leather Jeans Size Guide
Women's Leather Size Guide - in inches
 Size  6  8  10  12  14  16  18  20  22  24
 Bust  32  33½  35  36½  38 40
 42  44 46
 Waist  25  27  28½ 30
 31½  34  36  38½  41  43
 Hips 35
 37½  39½  41  42½  44½  46½  48½  50½

We believe in top service. That's why we make every effort to ensure our customers get the correct size leather jacket and trousers first time.